by challenging ourselves and our business partners to develop sustainable innovative solutions
that matter

Sustainable Innovations

As an innovative leading packaging supplier constantly strengthening our active role in sustainable packaging development, we are constantly looking for new directions towards a circular economy.

"Zero waste to landfill by 2025"

Innovation Approach

Innovative products, technologies and processes are key drivers for the added value we offer. In today’s complex world, achieving challenging goals requires specific solutions and resources.

"All products Recyclable, Re-usable or Re-fillable by 2025"

Circular Economy

We are committed to introducing and fully integrating Circular Thinking in the packaging sector. Sustainable innovations in the key directions Rethink, Redesign, Recycle, Reduce are incorporated into our strategy, along with engagement with other actors in the value chain.

Future of Packaging


Sustainable innovations are an integral part of our strategy. We investigate the impact on the packaging value chain and convert this knowledge into sustainable packaging designs. Our approach to minimizing environmental footprint is based on four principles:

Utilize full content

Avoid product losses


Reduce resources

Make recyclable

Make circular


Challenge the usual

Sustainable Materials

WP offers customers low-impact alternatives that help reduce the use of fossil feedstock. We have developed a wide range of sustainable materials, to offer clients a viable alternative.

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